New Trade Partner – Graphistudio!

The Guild of Photographers are proud to announce the addition of another Trade Partner – Graphistudio! 

Graphistudio need very little introduction for many of our members, as Graphistudio are a family run lab known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of ‘Made in Italy’. Thousands of professional photographers around the world trust them to print and bind their tailor-made books, albums and wall art, using state of the art technology in combination with the finest materials and Italy’s world-renowned craftsmanship. Every single order is unique and handcrafted and if this Company’s spirit must be summarized in a sentence, that sentence would be ” Attention to the detail, attention for the product, but also attention for the people”.

Graphistudio offer superior printing quality providing the most accurate representation of your files onto paper. They have an exclusive partnership with Canon® utilising HD Canon Dreamlabo 5000 printing technology to provide unprecedented dynamic range, extremely high resolution, deep blacks, plasticity of the skin tones, detailed shadows, vibrant colors and papers of extraordinary finishing. HD printing takes images to life!

Guild members have the opportunity to take advantage of a great offer from Graphi where they can receieve a HD matted print for free – just so that Graphistudio can show their amazing quality. Plus more amazing discounts too!

See more from Graphistudio here.

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