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Behind every camera is someone who has a personal story, a photography journey and a creative thought process to inspire us all.

If you are a photographer,  the team at the Guild of Photographers can help you get the most from your camera, is that what matters most to the Guild, are the people behind the camera!

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Lesley Thirsk


Lesley was awarded the ultimate ‘Master Craftsman’ status by the previous Guild Director some years ago and operated a very succesful wedding photography business for nearly 20 years. She is a highly experienced, passionate, and creative photographer. Her relaxed training and mentoring approach are highly acclaimed.

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Steve Thirsk


Steve is a former policing commander whose problem-solving approach was acknowledged by the Home Office.  He is best known for his marketing flair and ‘out of the box’ creativity so can be of great assistance in helping you to promote, even diversify, your business.  He is a skilled advisor to those facing customer disputes.



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Our Incredible Judges and Mentors

Our Judges and Mentors regularly produce webinars and in-person training, details can be found here.

Headshot of Charlotte Bellamy

Charlotte Bellamy

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Jo Bradley

Jo Bradley

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Heather Burns

Heather Burns

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Lesley Chalmers

Emma Campbell

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Lesley Chalmers

Lesley Chalmers

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Saraya Cortaville

Saraya Cortaville

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Claire Elliott

Claire Elliott

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Panikos Hajistilly

Panikos Hajistilly

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Lynne Harper

Lynne Harper

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Gary Hill

Gary Hill

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Rob Hill

Rob Hill

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of David Islip

David Islip

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Mark Lynham

Mark Lynham

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Gordon McGowan

Gordon McGowan

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Gavin Prest

Gavin Prest

Judge / Mentor

Headshot of Hamish Scott-Brown

Hamish Scott-Brown

Judge / Mentor