Get Creative with your Client Sales!

There is ALWAYS an occasion isn’t there?

We know that from our personal lives, never mind in business! And this is an opportunity to capitalise from!

CEWE have an amazing idea that you could introduce to your clients which is cost effective too! Whether you create the actual gift (perhaps you enjoy crafts!) or if you simply offer this as an affordable addition for a loved one to use and create themselves (something to do with the kids for a grandparent perhaps?) then take a look at this super sweet idea. Or you could gift this to your clients to encourage more sales! Maybe you could run a competition and this could be the prize?

Create a Miniature Hot Air Balloon with Square Prints!!

We think this is perfect for newborns, kiddies, families, pets, etc. But could also be great for flora, insects, learning materials for little ones – you name it!

The details of how to make it, you’ll find here. Or you can go straight to the prints to take a look and plan away with them here.

Have you thought up any ideas that add that extra special, cost effective additions to your packages for your clients?

We’d love to know if so!

Guild of Photographers