You CAN Photograph the SUN!

We can point our camera’s at literally anything that our imagination desires nowadays!

With how quickly technology and equipment advances, it is the most incredible achievment that we can photograph something that is 151.95 million kilometres away! How fortunate we are, don’t you think?

That huge burning (nearly) perfect sphere of golden gas in the sky; one of the only reasons that we can live and breathe each day; why we have night and day, seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – it has a huge responsibility of making sure everything in our world occurs in the most natural sense and gives us our purpose. It inspires every photograph that we take too (think catch lights in the eyes of loved ones and clients whether they are the human or animal variety!) It is the original star of the show!

Guild member David Ford, has been putting his hand to this and capturing the Sun in all its golden burning glory.

David wrote…
Here is a close shot of the prominences (proms); they shoot out from the Sun’s surface whilst remaining attached to it, into the space round it and can last for several months! The proms can change everyday and can take months to arrive at earth, causing effects to satellite’s on their way via the electomagnetic pulse they produce!
The inspiration to capture the Sun came from watching many videos on YouTube and wanting to see it for myself! Seeing the Sun live on a screen is a sight to behold and an experience that must be had!
The gear I used was…
Scope: Celestron XLT 120.
Camera Altair Astro 174M fan cooled.
Daystar QUARK Chromosphere Filter; Assembly on a diagonal with an Altair Astro 2″ Luminance UVIR Block Filter with AR Coating fitted.
Windows laptop for image capture.
The images are captured in video format AVI of 500 frames.
Free software for processing: Autostakkert to stack and convert the video to image format and imppg to enhance the image.
I then put it through Photoshop and Lightroom Classic to produce the final outcome. 

I hope that my images will inspire people to get creative with its beauty, as this was taken from my back garden in Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire.

How cool, (well, HOT) is that?!

Are you interested in photographing the sun? Would you like to know more to see if you can have a go at it? Or maybe you already have photographed the Sun – let us know! Get in touch with us through the usual platforms… or through our Facebook or Instagram.