As we know weddings are not cheap, so for those about to get married, comprehensive wedding insurance cover against mishap, on or before the Big Day, is a sensible thing for couples to purchase in order to protect their investment, and it needn't cost that much. The same applies to other events of course.

We all know of venues or companies that cease trading or fail to deliver what they have promised. With that in mind, including, offering or suggesting such a service to customers, protecting them if they had such issues with any of their suppliers can demonstrate your professional edge over others, showing that you really are thinking of their interests!

The best such policies will protect against a range of unfortunate events and make sure they are not out of pocket, and it's comforting for them to know that if something unforeseen happens, their personal investment in all their suppliers is protected.

Here at the Guild we have researched such cover and found the wedding policies we believe provide the best cover / value for money combination are offered by 'Event Insurance Services'.

To illustrate the extent of the cover below is the wedding insurance cover they offer (with no excesses) -

  • Wedding Cancellation
  • Wedding Attire
  • Wedding Photos & Video
  • Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Presents
  • Wedding Cake, Flowers & Transport
  • Wedding Reception Insurance
  • Failure of Suppliers and
  • Public Liability of £5 million (which can be upgraded to £10m (if required)

This piece of mind and comprehensive comes at a very affordable price for their policies start at just over £50. At that price it could potentially be included in a photography package, giving you that extra appeal over other business that don't offer such protection.