We have over 150 Webinar based training sessions available for members to watch free of charge and every week we are adding to that library!
Here's what's coming soon... 
The first two please do get involved with! We're opening this up to all and hope you thoroughly enjoy!


Gavin Prest meets Peter Rooney! An Incredibly talented Creative Portraiture Photographer
This session will be the perfect informal introduction to the Guild community of our Creative & Digital Art Image of The Year Winner Peter Rooney, who's work is absolutely outstanding. 

Extraordinary Architecture Photographer, Peter Li with thanks to Datacolor
Introduction to mind-bending architecture photography through panorama, and preparing artwork for professional photo lab printing with a focus on the fundamentals of colour accuracy. This fabulous webinar is free, bought to you by photography association The Guild of Photographers and colour calibration specialists Datacolor.
For the webinar you will need to register, and have your own zoom account to log into, for security reasons only and a follow up email of the session. Your data will not be used in any other way. You will not be charged - this is free and will be amazing.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch on info@photoguild.co.uk.
Click the title or this link to register!

Everything you need to know about landing pages with Kim Dixon' with Marketing and Branding Expert Kim Dixon
Another content packed session from the fabulous Kim Dixon. She is a queen in Marketing and wants to help you to make the most of the tools at your finger tips.
If you have done any research into how to market your business online you will have come across these popular terms: Sales funnels, lead magnets and landing pages.


Winning Images Deconstructed with Chris Chambers
Chris took home all 3 wedding awards this year and is going to talk through them in such a way that you can hopefully take constructive information and guidance away to be able to enhance your own too as we are allowed back in to the world of the wonderful genre!
Chris will share the background story, lighting set ups, camera settings, pose, critique of why each image scored what it did and what he could have done to improve the score, he will include some out of camera images and the edit process involved as well as of course answer any questions you may have. One lucky viewer will receive a fantastic £100 off with Chris' future training! 

More events to follow! Keep your eyes peeled and keep popping back here for updates! 

Below are some FREE TO WATCH sessions for non-members:
Portraits with Impact presented by Emma Finch
The Art of Intentional Camera Movement & Creative Photography with Charlotte Bellamy
'Adding the spit and polish, textures and the like' with Gary Hill
'Equine Black Background Editing - The Basics' with Dawn Cotterell
Gavin Prest meets Danny Clifford (one of worlds best known music photographers)