We have over 200 Webinar based training sessions available for members to watch free of charge and every week we are adding to that library!
More events to follow! Keep your eyes peeled and keep popping back here for updates! 

Webinars are exclusive to Guild members and the following of our presenters, but occasionally we can't resist inviting you along too!! So we invite you to join us on Wednesday 26th May @ 12pm.....

TUESDAY 2nd JUNE 2021 @ 5:20pm
Golden Nugget 30 Minute Chat with 2 lovely Guild ladies and Director Steve!
Okay so now we've got your attention - what is this about? 
Upscaling the sales in your business simply by your choice of words.
What is it called?
Interest Free Credit. No Faff. No Fuss. You get paid quickly, you have happy (higher paying) clients and a big smile on your face.
But let's here it from those who've reaped the benefits already.
This is INCLUDED in your Guild membership.

WEDNESDAY 3rd JUNE 2021 @ 10am
Helping you say Goodbye to Anxiety & becoming the Best Version of Yourself with Lee Glasgow
"Along with a lot of you, my photography business for 2020 was non existent.
Many of us had an uncertain future ahead as Weddings just evaporated from the diary - in some cases, money was payed back to the clients. The future was all of a sudden, not in our control!
How would you like to go back to your photography and not feel that stomach knot of anxiety?
If this webinar does not change your thinking, you can have your money back! ;-) 
I look forward to seeing you! 
Lee Glasgow"
A webinar with a difference, that will make a difference to you.

Also, do keep an eye out for... 

More webinars with the likes of Karah Mew, Tommy Reynolds, Panikos and more info on further schools and events with our friends at Photohubs!

Below are some FREE TO WATCH sessions for non-members:
Portraits with Impact presented by Emma Finch
The Art of Intentional Camera Movement & Creative Photography with Charlotte Bellamy
'Adding the spit and polish, textures and the like' with Gary Hill
'Equine Black Background Editing - The Basics' with Dawn Cotterell
Gavin Prest meets Danny Clifford (one of worlds best known music photographers)