Obviously we can't provide in-person training at the moment so during these unprecedented times, when many of us have downtime from our usual working routines, we have an opportunity to Plan, Adapt, Learn and Share! With that in mind we are delighted to announce an exciting new feature for members - A Webinar programme!

Please note that many more will be listed soon so do keep revisiting this page (as it's where everything will be listed).

29th June .... 10am (10:00) - 'Using Gels to Jazz up your Portraits' with Panikos Hajistilly
Gels are a great way to get creative with your photography, by injecting fabulous colours into your frame. Panikos shows what they are, how to use them and shows examples of them in use!

30th June .... 10am (10:00) - 'Bounce Back out of the Recession' with Ronan Ryle
Join us for the 6th session with Ronan on the FREE Bounce back into Business, out of the Recession business course!

30th June .... 2pm (14:00) - 'Lighting up Lockdown" From Photojournalism to my back garden...with Routh Downing
Lock down took us all by surprise and left many of us feeling empty; how did you respond? Did each day drift into the next or did you use it to your advantage? Ruth focused her energy into a project on Garden Birds... a change from her usual role as agricultural photojournalist...

1st July .... 10am (10:00) - 'Your Truth is Not the Same as Mine' with Martin Middlebrook
Using his photographic essay on the conflict in Afghanistan, ‘From the Other Side’, Martin will discuss the value of having a personal creative vision, developing its consistent use, and not being cajoled into being yet another derivative photographer, creatively stifled by someone else’s aesthetic...

2nd July .... 10am (10:00) - 'Motorcycles, Photography and Lighting...' with Michelle Szpak
A look into Michelle’s world of photographing motorcycles. You can take the information in this workshop and apply it to many areas of photography - if you like the dramatic style Michelle is known for...

3rd July .... 10am (10:00) - 'Gavin Prest meets Henry Ransby; Natural World Photographer of the Year 2019
Henry is an outstanding wildlife photographer, attracts plenty a fox to play in his garden and has a cracking character to go with it. With two big personalities, this is sure to be another fun filled and fantastic session on the virtual sofa with Gavin Prest.


6th July .... 10am (10:00) - 'Injecting your Personality into Your Weddings, Photography and Business' with Adam Lowndes
A webinar with Staffordshire wedding photographer, Adam Lowndes, on how to build your brand through injecting your personality into every aspect of it.

7th July .... 10am (10:00) - 'Bounce out of the Recession Faster' Session 7 out of 10 with Ronan Ryle
Join us for the 7th session with Ronan on the FREE Bounce back into Business, out of the Recession business course! 'Business of Photography' Qualification awarded on completeion of this.

8th July .... 2pm (14:00) - 'Dogsonality! A Creative Guide to Pet Photography' with Elke Vogelsang
Meet Elke Vogelsang, mostly known for her fun and character-full pictures of dogs; not only does she shoot dogs, but cats and horses too!

9th July .... 10am (10:00) - 'There is more to Florida than Disneyland!' - Florida Bird Photography with Ann Aveyard
Ann will talk about the areas in Florida that she goes to find her amazing Bird photography shots, how and what she photographs as well as explaining a little bit about how she began her photography journey 10 years ago!

10th July .... 10am (10:00) - Gavin Prest meets Nick Brown; Urban-scape Extraordinaire & Founders Cup Winner (2019)
Join us as Gavin meets an Urban-scape extraordinaire, Nick Brown. Known well in the Guild for his stunning Monochrome Urbanscapes - and who like us all, is "Always Learning"...

We have a library of previous webinars all accesible to members 'on demand' so they can be watched at any time.
They include lighting, editing, posing, wrapping, marketing, websites, critiques and competition images and more including 'exhibition' hours - all across multiple genres!
All these have been presented by some great trainers including Gary Hill, Gavin Prest, Kevin Pengelly, Paul Callaghan, Jo Bradley, Claire Elliott, Saraya Cortaville, Panikos Hajistily, John Bolloton and Lee Glasgow to name but a few.
The full catalogue is accessible from the members private area of the website

Below are some FREE TO WATCH sessions as examples -
'Adding the spit and polish, textures and the like...' with Gary Hill
'Creating a Cohesive Body of work' with Charlotte Bellamy
'Equine Black Background Editing - The Basics' with Dawn Cotterell
(skills that apply to multiple genres)