Welcome to the Guild's 'find a photographer' facility

Searching the Guild is super easy...so Let's find you a FAB photographer!

Whatever your needs in a photographer, our brilliant Guild members will have you covered! To find a photographer add your postcode and tick your photography genre preferences (wedding, events etc.) and we'll find you the best suited photographer we can!

No organisation offers greater reassurance than this when booking a photographer for a wedding or other important event! ALL Guild members that operate a business are pledged to the association's Code of Conduct. They must

  • Behave in such a manner befitting their professional status and the reputation of the 'Guild'.
  • Exercise professionalism, care and diligence in the discharge of duties for clients and an agreement to fulfil the obligations of any contracts agreed with them, other than subject to matters outside their control.
  • Have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance once they have achieved 'Qualified' status or higher.

'Registered' members are those who have not submitted their work for appraisal and accreditation but are committed to our Code of Conduct. This group contains many skillful photographers who should not be dismissed simply because they have not got around to preparing a qualification submission.

'Qualified' members are those who have evidenced their capability to deliver a good quality professional service to members of the public and are fully insured. This is seen as the level of acceptability one should expect from a professional photographer and is used as a benchmark when we are asked to act as an 'Expert Witness' and evaluate others work.

'A Craftsman' is someone who has evidenced their capability to deliver a professional service that is well beyond the norm showing amongst the highest levels of technical skill, creativity and presentation. Again, they must be fully insured. This is an award that is not easy to achieve as it is only given to no more than 10% of members.

The title of 'Master Craftsman' is only given to a select few who have achieved the very highest professional standards. Once again, they must be fully insured. This award is never granted lightly and is only given to around 5% of members - Those that have evidenced that they deliver truly exceptional service time after time.

Those which have achieved membership of the 'Photographers Bar' have had to evidence they can produce award winning images every month through the duration of the annual competition the Guild runs, which is a very demanding achievement.

Those which have achieved a 'Top 10' Photographer of the Year award have clearly proved their skills by achieving one of the highest scores in their respective genre during the duration of the annual competition the Guild runs, which is a great achievement.