PhotoSensory and the Guild of Photographers have a long standing close relationship for many reasons. Both believe in ethics, high standards and helping businesses grow, as well as supporting them.

Now the world is waking up again we feel it’s important to remind you of that relationship and why we ask every Photo Sensory photographer to be a Guild member.

Only they offer the following (on top of other association benefits) –

  • 24/7 direct access to a confidential Legal helpline;
  • Access to a confidential Tax helpline during office hours;
  • Contract Dispute cover;
  • Debt recovery assistance;
  • Tax Investigation Protection (this alone typically costs c£150). It protects you against expenses should HMRC decide to conduct a compliance check or enquiry into your tax affairs;
  • Loss of Earnings protection;
  • Crisis Cover (ie 24/7 access to a team of PR experts for advice on how to respond to negative publicity or media attention following an event which could cause reputationa; damage);
  • Up to £10,000 of support is also included should it be deemed necessary;
  • Compliance and Regulation cover (including for Data Protection related issues);
  • Employment Protection;
  • Legal Defence Cover;
  • Free Business Health Checks;

In short its a unique and comprehensive package of cover for businesses, meaning you will have total reassurance to concentrate on growing your business;

Speaking of which the Guild also offers over members access to over 250 free webinar including a Profits First business course;

You are also able to gain qualifications through The Guild, becoming Qualified, Craftsman and Master Craftsman in the The Guild of Newborn & Baby Photographers, with Certification, relevant logos and letters that can be used after your name are issued on achieving each level;

As a PhotoSensory team member you are entitled to a great discount off the annual Guild membership.