Judge | Mentor

The Guild of Photographers

Saraya Cortaville

Saraya is an award-winning portrait and social documentary photographer who has received two fellowships (one of only two women in the UK to have achieved this). One was for Studio portraiture and most recently one Social Documentary based, for a project she completed whilst living in Africa. She was awarded the Peter Grugeon award for the best Fellowship portfolio of 2015, and a Gold Award in Visual Arts in the professional photography awards 2016. She is also a Guild Master Craftsman. Saraya’s passion for travel and people has pushed her career into a more adventurous phase and she has recently lived and worked abroad for various international NGO’s documenting social issues in countries as far as Tanzania and Nepal. Saraya skillfully manages to draw out her subject’s emotions and feelings, in a sensitive and empathetic nature, her portraits are an observation and moment of connection, between two people, rather than a photographer and subject. She is also an excellent Judge and Mentor!