Peter Slaney 'Qualifies' with the Guild

Peter Slaney has been working within the photographic arena since 1998. Like many his photography started as a hobby, and the passion for it took over. He... Read more →

The Nikon D3S - Is it the ultimate DSLR camera?

Its not cheap at £3600 body only but is it good value? In a word 'Yes'! This is a truely exceptional camera. It is a true... Read more →

You need to be aware of the the Digital Economy or 'Orphan' Bill!

The Digital Economy or 'Orphan' Bill as it is commonly known is currently working its way through Parliament. Clause 42  of great significance to you, the photographer.... Read more →

Fuji cease production of some film types

Fujifilm Professional has announced it has stopped producing 3 film types - the Neopan 400 120, Superia Reala 35mm, and the Pro 160S 35mm. The remaining films... Read more →

Ireland Trade Fair

It's the Photo Fest Ireland trade fair at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dublin on Sunday 18 April Building on last years success this years show expects an... Read more →