Depth of Field Calculator on the i-Phone and i-Pod Touch

TrueDoF, the unique depth of field calculator for the digital photography age, is available now on iPhone and iPod Touch. TrueDoF is a major step forward in... Read more →

Neil Crook Qualifies with the Guild

Neil Crook from Oxfordshire has deservedly become a 'Qualified' Guild member in the Wedding genre. He has been interested in photography for many years, but became truely passionate just... Read more →

Beverley Foster takes the Guilds ultimate accolade - becoming a Master Craftsman!

Our Panel day last month was an opportunity for Guild members to submit their portfolio in the hope of achieving our ultimate Qualification level - that... Read more →

Three ways to save £££'s this Christmas

Here's a few opportunities for you to save £££'s at this expensive time of the year - The Guild discount site has some great Special Offers at... Read more →

New SONY SD Card range including a free file-recovery system & more

There’s now a choice of three SDHC card ranges by Sony. The affordable ESSENTIAL Series and value-added EXPERIENCE Series are joined by the flagship EXPERT Series for... Read more →

Reallusion introduce new 3D animation tool for Photoshop projects

Reallusion, Inc., an award-winning developer of video creation software for real-time 3D animation, has introduced a new way for Photoshop Users to create 3D Stereo prints... Read more →

Ricoh introduce free Worldwide iPhone & iPad App

Ricoh have announced the release of the English version of GR World, a specialized application for iPhones and iPads. This application enables you to view images... Read more →

Its official - The public are confused

A new piece of interesting research from Samsung reveals over a third of Brits (37%) are under using their cameras, more so than other technologies such as... Read more →

New 'tailorable' lightmeter.

Sekonic Corporation have announced the launch of the DigiCineMate L-308DC, a simple and easy-to-use light meter that can be customized to display only the specific functions you require and... Read more →

Tamaron's new compact mega-zoom lens

Tamron are introducing a new mega travel zoom with a focal range of 18-270mm. It  features a newly developed Piezo ultrasonic motor, which ensures a silent, precise and... Read more →