New Products from Loxley Colour

Loxley Colour's new look 2016 product brochure has been released.It features the largest collection of their products yet, with over 160 pages of photography solutions for... Read more →

Panasonic Cameras now let you shoot first and focus after you've taken the shot

Earlier this year Panasonic announced it was working on a 'Post Focus' facility which would enable photographers to select the parts of the image they want... Read more →

Miggo's new fully flexible tripod - the Splat

Miggo a company founded by former Manfrotto managers in Israel, has announced the 'Splat' flexible tripod.It's an ingenious pliable portable support for DSLRs, mirrorless and GoPro... Read more →

MPB Shareholder Opportunities

| which buys and sells used photographic and video equipment has an opportunity for people to become shareholders in the company through a crowdfunding campaign it... Read more →

Olympus OM-D Firmware Upgrades

Olympus have released Firmware upgrades for OM-D E-M1 and OM-D E-M5 Mark II cameras.The upgrades will improve the performance of the cameras in several ways.The OM-D... Read more →

Camera Focus Support Services Launch Offer

Guild member Jon Mullins has launched a new business, offering a focus calibration service that results in a higher success rate of precisely focused images achieved... Read more →

Photools ProCaps

There's 20% off pre orders using discount code preorder01 or 25% off for first 20 Guild Members using discount code 'GuildMember'

Photools ProCaps DURABLE, TRACKABLE, DATA PROGRAMMABLE, PERSONALISED EQUIPMENT PROTECTION & IDENTIFICATION"The world's first 'intelligent' multi-purpose caps for photographic equipment" - 'Photools' - October 2015.Photools ProCaps™ are... Read more →

Petzval 58mm bokeh control art lens for Nikon & Canon

Lomography announces a new Petzval 58mm bokeh control art lens for Nikon and Canon camera's.The new lens allows you to alter the brokeh effect on your... Read more →

Direct from Loxley Colour

4 Easy Steps to Ordering

Simple, easy ordering directly via our websitePlace your order directly through our website using the new product builder With just 4 simple clicks, it's never... Read more →

Carmignac Photojournalism Award: A Retrospective

The Guild of Photographers Private View invitations

By way of some brief context, the Carmignac Photojournalism Award is an initiative of French asset management company Carmignac Gestion. It was created in 2000, the... Read more →