Sigma slashes some lens prices!

Sigma has drastically cut the prices of some of its specialist lenses here in the UK, including some fisheye ones, macro, 100mm-300mm & 300mm-800mm zoom lenses Read more →

Has Polaroid photography been saved?

Aprroximately two years after Polaroid announced it was closing its film-manufacturing plants in the US, the Dutch company 'Impossible BV'  has 'come to the rescue', preventing... Read more →

Pentax launch a new Medium Format Camera

Pentax have launched their first digital version of its 645 camera, and it is fully compatable with existing 645 lenses. Its got a 40MP sensor that measures... Read more →

Canon's free trial print scheme

If you're thinking about buying a new desktop photo printer, it's worth knowing that Canon have just announced a new scheme which allows  you to have one... Read more →

Free Adobe Lightroom Update announced today

Earlier today Adobe released an update to its Photoshop Lightroom 3 software, available immediately through Adobe Labs. The Beta 2 upgrade incorporates feedback from the first iteration... Read more →

Canon EOS 5DMark II Upgrade

If you have one of these cameras the upgrade 2.0.3 is available on the following link - In short the upgrade is more to do with videography... Read more →

Interesting news for those getting married this year.

Here's something for engaged couples....Might be good for your blogs?   Tonight's The Night the BBC One Saturday night entertainment show, hosted by John Barrowman is back with... Read more →

Dealing with todays market conditions!

Managing a business is proving very demanding in todays climate with its tough market conditions. You cannot make your business 'bullet proof' but you can do things to help your business... Read more →

New dry lab from Fuji

Hot off the press so to speak...Fujifilm has launched the follow-up to the acclaimed DL410, the Frontier DL430, a dual roll dry inkjet minilab. It offers a... Read more →

Peter Slaney 'Qualifies' with the Guild

Peter Slaney has been working within the photographic arena since 1998. Like many his photography started as a hobby, and the passion for it took over. He... Read more →