Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Gossen's latest exposure meter DIGISKY is the worlds first exposure meter equipped with a colour graphic display. It is ultra-compact and lightweight measuring 139mm long, 60mm wide, 16 mm deep and weighing just 100 grams – including the Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It  is however no lightweight when it comes to features and specifications The clear, bright 2.2 inch display provides an instant, easy-to-read display in any mode, whatever the ambient conditions. GOSSEN is the first exposure meter manufacturer to be able to offer free software upgrades.
The large controller ring and selector button make for simple and quick one-handed operation. State-of-the-art microprocessor technology in the DIGISKY allows quick and easy navigation of all functions, providing a highly intuitive operating system.
   DIGISKY can be easily adapted to each user’s requirements using one of the built-in profiles (one for movie and three for camera use) which can be individually selected and programmed with ISO, EV-steps (meter value resolution), RF triggers and filter valuesThe suggested Retail Price is £399.99 inc VAT. For more information visit the Intro2020 website.
It offers a MOVIE function for the setting of ISO, EV steps, CINE speeds, Sector Angles, Photometry and Filter Values. These measured values appear in both analogue and digital display formats, meaning even the smallest deviations can easily be identified.
In addition to manually capturing flash exposure data, DIGISKY can also trigger your flash equipment/studio lighting either by cable or by Radio Frequency. In the RF mode, up to 4 flash groups can be selected and triggered on 8 different radio frequencies, allowing the simultaneous use of different lighting sets in the same location.
A simple turn of the diffuser ring changes between reflected light and incident light measurement. The flat diffuser has measures the contrast of a subject as well as the illuminance. The average value can be constantly shown in the display and, by key