CyberLink have announced the release of the world's first stereoscopic 3D photo slideshow creator - Media3D. It lets users create a 3D photo slideshow with their existing photos instantly. With support for a wide variety of 3D hardware, users can view their 3D photo slideshows on the PC's 3D monitor or 3D-ready HDTV.

Through 3D technology, Media3D brings the photo viewing experience to the next level as users can now view, with stunning realism, their own photos leaping out of the screen. With a variety of 3D slideshow templates, users can instantly transform photos into a 3D photo slideshow that will no doubt amaze the viewer. 

The software also supports background music to make the slideshow even more interesting.

It also has album management features to let users organize their photos and slideshows.

CyberLink Media3D is currently only available to hardware bundling partners but no doubt that will change. It's one to watch for!

To find out more about Media3D, please visit the CyberLink website.