Westcott has announced the 'Basics D5 lighting solution'.

The latest addition to the Westcott Basics lineup, the Basics D5 is an ultra-powerful light solution that won't break the bank. The D5 features 5 ceramic light sockets placed evenly across the unit. Each of these high-quality sockets can support a daylight-balanced lamp up to 50 watts. The sockets are housed on an ultra-compact and durable nylon base that is both UL and CE for safety.

The D5 has 5 power switches located on the rear of the light head with each of these switches controlling a single lamp, complete with a power indicator. It also features a built-in tilt bracket for precise positioning.

The D5 is available for just £120 and a pack of 5 x 27w daylight fluorescent lamps is available for £50.

To find out more please visit the Westcott website.