Westcott has announced several new studio lighting accessories which are available through Johnsons Photopia Distribution.

These include -

The Omega Reflector, a 10 in 1 'shoot through' reflector ideal for beauty lighting for with just one light source and this, you can produce a main light and a back light. It has an SRP of £120 including VAT.

The Pocket Pack, a compact reflector and 1 stop diffuser which measures less than 6 inches in the included travel case, and pops open instantly to a full 12 inch diameter when required. This has an SRP of £24 including VAT.

The LampGuard Case a compact protective case for CFL lamps, speedlites, bulbs, and compact light heads. It can protect up to six lamps and has an SRP of £60 including VAT.

The Rapid Box has the ability to mount up to 2 speedlights quickly making this an ideal choice for on-location photographers. This has an SRP Including VAT of £320.

For more information about these and other new products, take a look at the Westcott website.