"We'll take a genuine interest in your business

because we are genuinely interested"

Do you deal with a Company that fully understands you as a person?

A Company that understands what makes you do what you do and understands everything about your business?

If you do, then I am sure you have a fantastic relationship with them, as you know they are always one step ahead, considering your needs even before you know you actually need them and changing the relationship into one of trust, rather than a typical supplier/customer relationship.

Please let us introduce you to such a company - Shuttertax ……

.......Shuttertax is a business that prepares tax returns for photographers and image makers.

What makes Shuttertax a very special business?

Well, for starters, Shuttertax is owned and ran by Paul & Debra Simpson and they have been where you are now! They were working photographers for 15 years, and after a series of bad experiences and advice from 'high street accountants', they decided to get qualified and do it themselves!

Unlike others have their absolute focus on our industry, offering a range of services that will fit in nicely with your business needs, from preparing your end of year accounts and tax returns from supplied books to a complete monthly cloud bookkeeping solution -Shuttertax are the perfect online accounting option for your business.

As you know, here at the Guild, before we 'recommend' any business, we do a series of background checks based on attitude, service and whether or not the company will be a strong fit into our community.

With that in mind, we are delighted to welcome Shuttertax into the Guild as a Trade Partner. They are a perfect fit and their commitment is such that Guild members will receive a huge 30% off all their services!

More details, free advice, pricing and all contact information you need (plus the best cartoons in the industry) can be seen here