One of the biggest hits in the art market over recent years has been the gallery wrap which can give photo images the fine art look, meaning photos are just as likely to take pride of place on art lovers' walls as landscapes or still lifes.

Well presented gallery wraps exude quality and by saving on both the weight and expense of mounts and frames, they're affordable for the customer too.

Until recently, making a gallery wrap, with stretcher bars, glue and staples, was a specialist's job. It took time, expertise and it could be expensive - which explains why the fully patented JetMaster system, available through Innova Art Limited has proved so popular.
With the Jetmaster system lightweight gallery wraps can be turned out in minutes, using just a craft knife and a cutting board - Absolutely no special assembly skills are required.

The base is a pre-cut, laminated self adhesive board and you simply press flat your print, fold and trim. There are no bubbles, no untidy corners, no staples and no hooks and it is so light it can be hung from just one tack. 

There are potentially significant business benefits to you with this product which costs from just £4.99 per A4 wrap.

For more information please visit the Innova Art website