Trevor & Faye Yerbury have become 'Masters Of The Craft' with the Guild. Trevor was the “Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year” in 1997 & 1999 and he holds a total of 14 Kodak European Gold Awards. It is fair to say his influential style helped change the course of wedding photography into the relaxed, informal style we have today. Faye has won the title of “Kodak UK Child Photographer of the Year” 3 times and she also holds a Kodak Gold Award.   Their work in photographing the female nude has been recognised internationally. They have both been judges nationally and internationally but now devote much of their time to seminar and workshop programmes, convinced that education is essential for today’s professional photographer...and the Guild is aiming to bring some insights of their incredible skill to members in the near future. To see some examples of their skill visit Trevor & Faye's studio [gallery link="file" columns="4" orderby="title"]