Cybersecurity breaches are a regular occurrence today with many people becoming victims of identity and financial theft. It's big business!

A major cause of this are highly predictable passwords, PINs and other log-ins used for online accounts. That's an increasingly costly and avoidable mistake and we've seen an interesting article about this!

Typical advice about creating secure passwords is to include a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, but that advice only works if you're randomly selecting and ordering those characters, making it highly forgettable. Therefore many use the above within convential words eg MyHou5e20! 

A pattern like this can be easy to crack so new advice is to string together a number of disassociated words, such as "guild television joe90 slime holiday" thereby creating a unique set of characters that will be easy for you to recall but very hard for someone else to crack. 

The first password type can apparently be hacked in a few days because it contains predictable capitalisation, special character placement and numerical substitutions for letters but a password like "guild television joe90 slime holiday" would take over 500 years being so less predicatable.

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