This new constant light source from Westcott is the industry’s most powerful compact fluorescent lighting system on the market today. Able to house up to six 50-watt fluorescents, this unit is equivalent to over 1200-watts of power. Easily change your colour output to tungsten through an optional Tungsten Halogen 6-pack of lamps offering 900-watts of pure power. The Spiderlite TD6 features a metal design and the lamps are operated by three low profile switches on the back of the unit. Each switch controls two lamps and can be easily turned on and off to control light output. If you mount the lights out of reach, the newly added inline cord allows you to power the unit on and off at ease. The mounting stud attached to the Spiderlite TD6 offers extra durability and ease of insertion into the included tilter bracket. The built in adapter ring allows for quick and easy mounting of a variety of softboxes and stripbanks. You can also rotate the Spiderlite TD6 180 degrees with the attached handle and lock-down turn knob. Westcott Spiderlite TD6 with Tilter Bracket is priced at £500.00. Visit JP Distribution for more information.