One Vision Imaging and the 3XM Solution team have teamed together to bring you what they believe is the perfect USB solution.

Not only do 3XM bring you the very best, most beautiful USB's with designer packaging to match but they also offer the 3XM Solution to make more from your digital sales.

The power of social media is limitless so why not take advantage of it? Today's digital world is all about sharing so 3XM want to let your client promote your work for you by giving them a beautiful online gallery and the opportunity to share it across multiple social media sites.

When they share your work, your brand goes too, giving your business a unique promotional opportunity to get in front of your clients' friends, family and social connections. Those viewing the online gallery can also buy prints or products at the prices you set. The orders will automatically go to One Vision Imaging who supply the ordered goods direct to your customer and you, as the photographer, retain 100% of the profit!

With a comprehensive range of One Vision's products available you can relax in the knowledge that the quality will be of the highest standards. It's a great opportunity to keep on marketing and making money long after you've finished the job.

The service is completely FREE for all galleries up to 100 images, an online gallery with up to 250 images is just £5, and an online gallery with up to 1,000 images is just £10.

You can find out more about One Vision Imaging here and details about the clever 3XM solution here.