Unlike western nuptials, where pictures are most often taken on the day, location or studio shoots done months in advance have become the must-have for Chinese couples.

Chinese couples used to be satisfied with a single black-and-white photograph taken during their wedding as a memento of their special day. But times have changed dramatically, and wedding photographs, especially pre-wedding photo sessions, have become big business in China.

Sometimes it can be half a year or even a year in advance of the ceremony. To make these pre-wedding photos as unique as possible, lots of couples will select unusual spots as a backdrop, such as a fake field with deer and a sky full of stars, or in an interior scene made to look like one of the largest religious Cambodian monuments, Angkor Wat; all of these spots can be found in photo studios. Some couples even choose other countries for their pre-wedding sessions.

From a few hundred to thousands of dollars this trend for pre-marriage photographs is certainly booming, and to see the images from one end of the spectrum to the other, please follow the link HERE