Smartphone photographers all over the world have one thing in common. They are chasing perfect light in order to capture the perfect image. And now there is a solution that will help them - regardless of time and place.

Profoto has always been committed to making the best lights for the best photographers in the world. That obsessive commitment to bringing great light to every image hasn’t  changed one bit. “But what has changed,” says Anders Hedebark CEO of Profoto, “is that from today forward, Profoto is committed to supporting all image creators, regardless of what camera they are using, smartphone or other cameras. Great light is the key to creating great images”. The Profoto C1 product range contains our very first studio lights for smartphones. They are small, super-portable and provide the one thing a smartphone can’t - natural-looking and beautiful light.

The light the C1 product range delivers is natural-looking and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall off, and that’s partly because of the shape - each light is round, like the sun. The best news, however, is the Profoto C1 Plus and C1 are incredibly easy to use. It’s point-and-shoot, because the intelligent Profoto Camera will calculate the exposure and flash power for you, based upon the surrounding light conditions.”

The Profoto C1 Plus and C1 allows users to have fun, to play with light. They’re easy to move around and explore different angles from the palm of your hand, and you can capture the imagefrom either a click on the little white button on the light or from your smartphone.

The C1 Plus is also compatible with a range of light shaping tools from a dome diffuser to color gels and grids which means you can be even more creative. They snap on and off the invisible magnetic mount in an instant....and if you want to switch out the smartphone for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the C1 Plus is compatible with all Profoto AirTTL remotes, meaning you can use several of them at the same time, and in combination with other Profoto lights.

Here are some technical figure -
Flash Max output: 4300 lumens Max illuminance @ 1m: 1700 lux Color temperature range: Adjustable 3000K-6500K (±200K) Color rendering index (CRI): 90-98 Recycling time: 1 second at full power1 Continuous Light Max output: 280 lumens Max illuminance @ 1m: 140 lux Color temperature range: Adjustable 3000K-6500K (±200K): Color rendering index (CRI): 90-98

The cost is c£259 for the C1 and c£469 for the C1 Plus. You can find out more here  -