We know copyright infringement is a 'thorn in the side' for many professional photographers displaying their work online and the Guild really wants to help its members with this difficult and often frustrating area so has been looking for 'how to' help as effectively as possible.

After researching options, we are delighted to say that in order to help our members fight image theft we have partnered with Pixsy, one of the leading image tracking services! They will even help you get compensation if your work is stolen!

In basic terms Pixsy uses a reverse image search engine to scour the web and let you know when they discover matches for your photos. If a use is unauthorized, you can just click "Submit case" and they will help you seek compensation. They have legal teams in several countries now including the UK, United States and Australia, and that list is growing!

Pixsy is currently operating on invitation-only basis, but is so impressed by the joint ethics and the way the Guild genuinely supports photographers as they do, for the first time they are partnering with a UK based association!

As a part of an EXCLUSIVE arrangement Guild PRO members can skip the waiting list and get free and instant access to Pixsy's great service - and at a Premium level (which is worth c£85 - $9.99 per month)!

Guild members can now benefit from an exclusive set of features, including -

  • FREE comprehensive image tracking
  • A FREE one-click import of 20,000 images from various platforms, including Flickr, 500px, Photoshelter, SmugMug, and more
  • A FREE customisable image matching system
  • Help of the in-house team of licensing experts and a global network of law firms for successful case resolution.
"a significant step to giving the power back to photographers everywhere..we can remind the world that there is value in our works."– Rohan Anderson

The details on how to take advantage of this can be found on our Trade Partners & Discounts page.