Running from 1st June - 20th August 2017, Proud Galleries is delighted to announce 'Terence Spencer: A Lasting Impression', a playful retrospective exploring the youth and vivacity of one of Britain's most defining decades.

This unique exhibition features the many faces, fashions and sounds of the Swinging Sixties with prints showcasing iconic stars in their prime alongside the beauty of ordinary life and everyday style.

Proud Galleries will exhibit a charming collection of the late Terence Spencer's prints, swapping scenes of violence for social enlightenment and cultural idols in booming Britain.

Throughout the 1960s and beyond, Spencer used his experience as a photojournalist to document the fashions, youth culture, ground-breaking music and elated dreams of the generation, capturing the faces of real people, models, actors, designers, writers, and sportsmen alike.

Proud Camden will celebrate a deeply humanising, honest collection of Terence Spencer's extensive archive, and it is certainly a collection not to be missed.

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