Over the weekend I visited our local Art gallery "theartbay" Gallery adjacent to the Guild HQ. Expecting to see just local art, I was also privileged to find an exhibition of images donated by some of UK's leading professional sports photographers capturing iconic moments from Stoke City FC, many signed by player(s).

The exhibition is being held for Lucas' Legacy, raising awareness and funding for Childhood Brain Tumour Research.

I feel this is worth a visit because the photos are stunning but more importantly they are helping to raise funding for a local charity.

They are being auctioned on Saturday 26 November with a guide price on bids starting at only £100. They would make fantastic Christmas gifts for Stoke City supporters!

To read more about little Lucas and the fantastic exhibition please click HERE and scroll down to the article on Lucas' facebook.

On behalf of the charity, thank you for taking a look....... Katrina