Super-compact and lightweight, the RX0 II is built to be tough and resilient. You can throw it in your bag or carry it from a strap without worries, and use it in settings where you could never shoot before. The RX0 II is a serious camera in a tiny package. It's easy to carry anywhere you go, and it delivers high-quality images wherever you shoot...and its simple design and lack of protrusions make it easier to set up, pack and store.

There's no need to safeguard against rainwater or splashed drinks, and you can also shoot comfortably in desert settings with sand and dust. All without requiring a special waterproof case or additional accessories.

Thanks to the shockproof design you won't need to worry about the occasional accident - the RX0 II's rugged body is built to withstand the impact of a drop from a height of 2.0 meters (as shown in tests carried out to Sony's specification).. There's no need for super-delicate treatment – stow the camera comfortably in a carrying bag or a pocket and bring it wherever you go without concern.

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