Simon Watson has been interested in photography for the last 25 years, and during the last 3 years has invested a lot of time and effort to take his photography to the next level where he feels confident that his work is of a high enough standard to sell his work to others.

As part of his development he has attended a number of courses and as his main passion is Landscape photography, he attended a Landscape Course at the Guild's highly recommended Blackthorn School of Photography. Soon after he was offered an opportunity to hold an exhibition throughout December at a popular local venue Foxbury Farm (  The local Press have attended and written an article complementing the high standards of his work (as well as praising the standards and ethics of Guild members in general).

Because of the confidence in his work the course and the offer to hold an exhibition gave him, Simon decided to submit a selection of images to the Guild for Grading, and was delighted to hear that he had "Qualified"! He said it was 'absolutely fantastic news'  and the highlight of an exciting 2010.

To see more of his work either visit the exhibition or see his website