Sim Imaging offer a  brand new look for their Metal USB Tins, USB Boxes and USB Cases to incorporate a new scratch resistant grey foam accompanied with a fully personalised crystal USB key.

This new pale grey foam will help to give these products a more contemporary feel and a softer contrast. All of their updated products will now be available with a stunning crystal USB key  in a choice of 3 colours and 4 sizes. This will mean that you will be able to personalise both the box and USB to match perfectly as a complete package.

The personalised USB boxes will now come with a matching grey covering on the box. The inside lid colour will also be grey to match the outer box. This pale grey colour works seamlessly with all of Sim Imaging cover options so you can be sure to create a stunning design!

Ideal for weddings, babies and portrait photography, this new lighter finish is available will all of their USB box and case options, including a full image cover, or a personalised linen or leather casing.

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