The Guild of Photographers are delighted to announce their latest Trade Partner, Profoto, the world leading manufacturer of flash lighting and Light Shaping Tools since 1968!

In the words of Eckhard Heine and Conny Dufgran, the co founders of Profoto. "We will never let technology rule over the artist. Our tools are not obstacles but lighting solutions, designed to help you turn your ambition into reality."

When the Guild approaches a potential Trade Partner it is not done lightly. We research behind the scenes before asking that brand to become part of our community. We consider that company's ethics, attitude, customer service, and of course the product.

With Profoto's reputation and position in the marketplace under scrutiny, we were delighted to have our questions answered and expectations surpassed. A knowledgeable and helpful response from their UK sales team, an extremely positive response from associated UK dealers and one message coming back from the many photographers consulted too… quite simply "Profoto are THE leading lighting company in the world".

It is with absolute pleasure The Guild of Photographers welcomes them as our ONLY Lighting Partner.