Photools ProCaps


"The world's first 'intelligent' multi-purpose caps for photographic equipment" - 'Photools' - October 2015.

Photools ProCaps™ are clever, multi purpose, lens & camera body caps made for Nikon & Canon DSLR Kit.

ProCaps not only feature a highly visible indication of the lens focal length they are attached to, but additionally, each ProCap is embedded with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology... Store; purchase details, service history, serial numbers, repair details, a URL, owner and contact information, infact any text based info you want to record in your ProCap! Or, use the built in NFC to simply store an NFC App 'trigger' to scan and display a much larger amount of data corresponding to that particular ProCap.

ProCaps can be read or written to, by any NFC enabled Android / iOS Phone or tablet, with an NFC Authoring App. Quickly and simply retrieve ProCap data by scanning your NFC embedded ProCap, excellent for asset management in large hire centres, scanning kit in and out, or in a large studio where equipment is shared. ProCap NFC technology is passive, does not require batteries, will hold data for 10 years, is waterproof, and has a 100,000 cycle re-write endurance.


Photools ProCaps feature your chosen lens focal length or bespoke text design in a font and background colour of your own choice, backed and covered with impact resistant, tough clear acrylic glass. The disc is then encapsulated in a durable and rugged, grippable rubber surround, guaranteed to take all the knocks and bumps a pro can throw at it. Chemically melt bonded to tough, high quality ABS plastic rear caps, designed to seat snuggly and tightly on the rear of your prized Canon or Nikon Glass. ProCaps provide all the protection from the elements you'd expect, as well as a clear indication of the lens they are attached to.

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