One Vision Imaging Ltd

One Vision Imaging (OVI), one of the UK's leading professional photographic solutions companies, may just have found the 'Holy Grail' for photographers. Admittedly that bold claim comes from OVI themselves, but they've certainly had a huge amount of interest from what seems on the surface to be an invaluable service.

Photographers have long been using OVI's intuitive and highly acclaimed Online Framing service via their website for many years. It has evolved to become the market leading framing website in the UK, and now OVI appear to have gone a step further by offering an advanced 'White Label' service to their customers for FREE.

Imagine using their website with your logo and your prices. Imagine being able to build frames and wall display products using the images you've shot for your client, right in front of them. Change the frame type at the click of a button; switch the window mount; add another mount if you choose, even decide the glazing options. You can even change the wall colour to match that of the client's house where the product will be! Once the client is happy, simply save the order and send it to OVI once your back in your office or studio. Now that is pretty special!

To find out more about One Vision Imaging please visit their website HERE