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4 Best Ideas for Equine Photography Print Products by nPhoto


Equestrian photography doesn’t have to be bundled with pet photography - it can create its own distinct style, which is why it needs products that can facilitate it. Here are some of the best products that can complement equine photographers all around:


1: Complete Album Set


The vast array of material choices offered by the Complete Set mean that you can customise it to fit any photo style - including equine photography. Create a dark leatherette album cover with an acrylic cover/cutout window presenting the horse right on the front for an elegant, mysterious outcome - or use a bright linen if the photo shoot is something more reminiscent of shots in broad daylight 



2: Acrylic Print


This product is perfect for photos taken in a wide open field - the reflection on the acrylic can help make both the background and the horse stand out with mesmerising colours.



3: Triplex


The ideal shelf decoration as an add-on to the other products. With its material options and selection of photo finishes, one could fit some great front-facing shots on the three photos inside. The still relatively new acrylic finish brings jaw dropping results.




4: Folio Box


Whether there are multiple horses to take photos of, or the photos themselves are taken at different time intervals - the folio box will accommodate it. Being able to divide the photoshoot into many folio prints as opposed to one fixed product means one can fulfill a variety of needs. The individual prints can work as interchangeable shelf decorations too!





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