"Ordering your Matted/Mounted Prints as well as your box for folio prints separately is now possible! We are happy to announce that you can order single Matted or Board Mounted prints. Loose Matted or Mounted Prints are the perfect selling tool for your mini-sessions and more! Order a box to fit more prints and upsell! Boxes are made to fit 5, 10, 15 or 20 folio prints. Matted and Mounted Prints are also perfect for Wall Art. They look exceptionally classy and sophisticated when they are put in picture frames. Both Matted/Mounted Prints are a great home decor idea. Great product to showcase on a dresser, fireplace or on a bookshelf. This new option to order any number of folio prints separately gives you so much flexibility in how you do business, to use these products for your benefit together or separately!"

Matted/Board Mounted Prints: https://www.nphoto.co.uk/products/prints/mattedboard-mounted-prints

Box: https://www.nphoto.co.uk/products/boxes/box-for-mattedboard-mounted-prints