Today Nikon announced the D810A, the first FX-format D-SLR exclusively engineered for astrophotography.

The D810A captures magnificent 36.3-megapixel images of nebulae that emit on the hydrogen-alpha wavelength.

Thanks to a redesigned infrared (IR) cut filter, the D810A is four times more sensitive to the H-alpha spectral line than the D810. It allows exposures of up to 900 seconds, the standard ISO range of 200­–12800 can be extended up to the equivalent of 51200 ISO, and it has a red-lit virtual horizon to confirm leveling when shooting through the viewfinder.

A powerful tool for photographers, this specialised D-SLR frees you to capture the true colour of deep sky marvels without modifying the camera, and its ultra-high ISO and exceptional resolving power ensure brilliant detail.

The D810A will be available for £2999.99 from the end of May 2015. You can find out more at the Nikon website.