Every now and then you come across a company you want to work with for many reasons. It could be their products, their marketing, their attitude, their desire, their passion, their customer reviews or the really nice people behind the business. Having all the above in abundance, we are excited to announce that Newborn Baby Posing Ltd has become a Guild Partner.

Based in Cheshire, the owners, Guild members Sandra and Sarah have combined their design, sourcing, purchasing and photography skills to offer photographers some of the finest and most unique posing products available in the UK that can only enhance and style your photography!

They have backdrops, Baby Shushers, newborn posing beanbags, beanbag frames, and much more - in fact everything you could ever need to refresh or kick start your newborn baby photography business. They even host newborn photography training workshops in their spacious newborn studio (the next one being on 19th September with Russ Jackson).