Stealth Gear, expert providers of outdoor photography clothing and accessories have released their Extreme Photographers Smock, after rave reviews from industry experts within the birding community.

A lot of thought has gone into it - It even has a large pocket at the front, allowing you to place your binoculars or your camera with lens mounted into your chest while you walk preventing the common complaint from both wildlife photographers and bird watchers about their camera or binoculars bouncing up and hitting them in the chest when hanging around their neck. 

It has  a variety of other pockets, including one expandable padded lens pocket, which allows backpack waist straps to go behind the pockets, padding on shoulders and elbows with anti-slip camera strap grips on both sides, a detachable wired peak hood, and insect repellent mesh face net. It is also DuPont Teflon treated to repel dirt, water and unwanted stains with TPU lamination, making it durable and comfortable.

Priced at £199 including VAT, the smock is currently available in green but will be available in charcoal from August 2010.

Also, available from September onwards, will be a new range of women's outdoor photography clothing and accessories. Stealth are
one of the very few online retailers to offer photography clothing tailored to a female audience

For more information on the new range, please visit the Stealth Gear website.