Metz have released the 58 AF-2 Flashgun as the successor to the successful 58 AF-1 flashgun that won the EISA Award for "best flash unit in Europe 2007/2008", this new model has been equipped with a metal hot shoe base and a quick lock system making camera attachment easy with one single movement. Refinements such as the revised motor zoom mode and an improved high performance flash tube should further increase the longevity of the product.

It also offers a new servo flash release functionality triggered by the integrated camera flash which makes off camera flash possible using cameras without a master function. The slave/servo sensor has been integrated into the front of the flash unit to increase the transmission quality of wireless flashes for both the new Servo facility and the Slave TTL wireless flash in Master or Slave mode. Also, the wide-angle diffuser has also been adapted for illumination of wide-angle focal lengths from 12mm (135format).

The retail price is £369.99

The Metz 50 AF-1 digital has also been released. It is the evolution of the 48 AF-1 digital, winner of the TIPA Award for "best photographic accessory 2008". It can be mounted onto the camera hotshoe via the new metal base and fixed in place quickly and easily with a single movement thanks to the optimised lock system. The guide number has been increased to 50 (ISO 100/21° at105mm). Performance has been further optimised through improvements to the high output flash tube. Moreover, the flash has been equipped with a servo flash release, via the camera's internal flash that works independently of the camera's master function. Even the wide-angle diffuser has been improved and is now suitable for illumination of wide-angle focal lengths from 12mm (135 format). Like all mecablitz system flash units, the 50 AF-1 is available in different fittings, perfectly tailored to digital cameras from the leading manufacturers.

The retail price is £229.99

Both models are available immediately. Further technical specifications are available from Metz.