Available soon, newly released Firmware Update 2.2 for the Leica SL mirrorless system camera that will improve support for both Mac & Microsoft Windows version of the Leica Image Shuttle 3.5.

Registered owners of the Leica SL can either download the software and firmware updates for themselves, ot take their camera to their local Leica Customer Care Centre in the UK for a complimentary installation

Key features

  1. Leica Image Shuttle 3.5 improves workflow efficiency for tethered shooting with the Leica SL and allows the camera to be controlled from a computer via a USB 3.0 cable connection.
  2. Firmware update 2.2 also removes the shutter speed limitation when shooting with 6-bit coded Leica M-Lenses, while further optimising the performance of the Leica SL system.

Find more information about Firmware downloads by clicking HERE