Europe's leading value added distributor into the digital imaging markets, Color Confidence, has today released the latest way for photographers, designers and illustrators to see their creative inspiration come alive on-screen with the ease of a real pen but with the flexible power of digital precision - The Hanvon range of graphics tablets which combine the latest wireless-pen technologies, with smooth ergonomic tablet design and offer numerous features equal to the market leading alternatives but at a far more affordable price.

The Hanvon range offers a variety of options to suit every level of expertise and budget, and includes:

  • SenTIP 1201 WD - All the advantages of a 12.1" wide-format LCD monitor with Hanvon's patented, professional wireless pen technology…learn more
  • ArtMaster III - A professional graphics tablet with numerous powerful features (available in three sizes) …learn more
  • ArtMaster - A quality tablet with a wireless pen offering a high resolution platform for precise draw, paint and copy projects (available in two sizes) …learn more
  • GraphicPal - An advanced graphics tablet with numerous features for professional illustrators and designers who insist on absolute precision (available in two sizes) …learn more
  • Rollick - A quality tablet, ideal for basic painting, sketching, photo editing and office applications (available in two sizes)…learn more
  • Wireless Tablet - Wireless and interactive control for academic teaching, presentations and training…learn more

All models are compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems, integrate with all major design software applications and offer numerous benefits and features, including:

  • Cordless and battery-free pen technology
  • Programmable Express Keys, Touch Strip and Touch Rings for easy editing
  • Pressure sensitive technology with up to 2048 levels
  • High resolutions of up to 5080 lines per inch (lpi)
  • Ambidextrous design for easy switchable usage
  • Data speeds of up to 220 pulses per second (pps)
  • Compatible with all major graphics applications
  • Stylish and ergonomic design for ease and comfort of use
  • Complete with 2-year warranty

And as an extra bonus for users of Microsoft Windows operating systems, all models also come bundled with various pieces of powerful software to help you get the very most out of your creative projects.

The Hanvon range is available from today from the Confident Reseller network across the UK.

For more information please visit the Color Confidence website.