JP Distribution, the exclusive UK distributor for Westcott - one of the world leaders in professional photography and video lighting equipment - has announced a new range of Collapsible Umbrellas from Westcott.

The umbrellas allow for a quick and easy set-up. The 43in umbrellas fold down to just 14.5in enabling them to fit easily into any bag or backpack, and they weigh just 1lb meaning they are perfect for on location shoots.

Available in three different styles - optical white satin, soft silver and optical white satin with a removable black cover, this umbrella range can be used as shoot through diffusers, or to bounce a light source.

The White Satin & Soft Silver versions cost just £19 and for just £3 more you can have a White Satin version with a removable black cover.

For more information please the Johnsons Photopia website.