Website Maker 5 is a great value & powerful all-around package which includes everything you need to create and manage animated Flash websites. Web designers, HTML website owners, Internet agencies, clubs, freelancers and those who are building their first website will all find Website Maker 5 easy to use and manage. The website is set up online already, so all users need to do is customize it online according to their needs and publish it. The online application enables you to access your website from any computer, anywhere in the world! With the freely usable design archive and the intuitive drag and drop user interface, you can enjoy full design freedom and start using the program right away.


  • Includes a personal top level domain, 5 email accounts and 5000MB of web space for 12 months.
  • Flash Widget maker creates animated Flash objects for external HTML websites.
  • Create personal and interactive buttons
  • Animated web design templates that can be customised to match different websites with just a few clicks.
  • No installation – online software optimized for DSL serves as automation and control centre for creating personal websites and managing their content anytime worldwide via the web.
  • Interactive photo and video presentation with galleries, lightboxes and media players.
  • Multi-project mode for pros – operate website projects at multiple domains.
  • Export and integrate media players and entire websites via HTML into other websites. No export to other servers via FTP.
With 3 web addresses, 1 domain name of your choice, 2 sub domains, 5 email accounts and design archive and secure web hosting including 5000MB of web space makes Website Maker 5 an innovative and professional all round package for both beginners and advanced users. Magix Website Maker 5 is available now for SRP £39.99 inc. For more information please visit the Magix website.