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Classic Coffee Table Book

Half price on all duplicate Classic Coffee Table Books

As part of our all-year-round business tools for Photographers, designed to increase your upsell opportunities and offer clients greater value, Loxley Colour offer 50% off all duplicate Classic Coffee Table Books.

How To Qualify

50% off applies to all identical duplicates of a Classic Coffee Table Book when ordered at the same time as the original - no matter how many additional copies your client would like! To receive the discount, just specify the quantity you'd like during the online checkout stage in Loxley Designer Pro. You'll initially be charged the full price of the order but we'll refund the difference as the order is processed by us.

Classic Coffee Table BookAbout the Classic Coffee Table Book

Impress with a range of HP Indigo press printed coffee table books that allow you freedom of design and a high quality finish, guaranteed to delight your clients.

For more information contact cs@loxleycolour.com