You will soon be able to use Layers in Lightroom with onOne Software's Perfect Layers. This means merging two or more photos together, masking and using blending modes will become a simpler task and you'll also be able to open existing Photoshop documents from within Lightroom. Files created with Perfect Layers can be opened by Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements later for additional editing, and Perfect Layers can also be used in Adobe Bridge and, with the final shipping version, Apple Aperture.  You can preview the software by joining in the public preview but note that the Perfect Layers Public Preview is not indicative of the final performance and quality of the forthcoming complete shipping version and technical support is not available for the preview release. Users can submit their feedback on this public preview from within the application. The Perfect Layers Public Preview release is available immediately from onOne Software. It is a time limited release and will expire on June 30, 2011. The final shipping version will be available, with additional features, by mid 2011 as a standalone product for $159.95/£120.00 (inc. VAT) and as part of the Perfect Photo Suite 5.5. Owners of Plug-In Suite 5 can upgrade to Perfect Photo Suite 5.5, which will include Perfect Layers, at no additional cost. Visit onOne Software for more information