Japan is renowned worldwide for precision, either in technology advancement, manufacturing processes and even in the making of their famous tea.

Surely this pedigree of detail is a good benchmark to produce photographic presentation products?

AsukaBook has been manufacturing Photo Books for 21 years and now produces over 200,000 books a year just in Japan.

AsukaBook UK has been established just over 11years and is still ran and controlled from their London HQ by Andrew Moorcroft, and this business prides themselves on checking EVERY album design that they receive to make sure you haven't made an obvious mistake thus ensuring your book arrives to your delight.

It is with pleasure that AsukaBook UK tell us that they still are dealing with the first customer they ever had, which is down to the customer care standards they have given photographers since 2005 and from this start they have always said that they see themselves as an extension of the photographers business. This business understands that their levels of service and control have a direct effect on their customer's business and future recommendations, So AsukaBook work hard to ensure that they are an asset to their business and not just a.n.other supplier

We will have some GUILD ONLY AsukaBook special offers coming soon, but meanwhile for more details and to see some of the products they produce, please visit http://www.asukabook.co.uk