A new piece of interesting research from Samsung reveals over a third of Brits (37%) are under using their cameras, more so than other technologies such as mobiles or laptops. A quarter (24%) admit to feeling worried when they press a button which produces a display they don’t recognise and just over one in 10 (13%) say they are  so confused by their cameras that they hand it to someone else to take the shots!

The research, carried out by Samsung Digital Imaging to mark the launch of its new NX100 camera and iFunction lenses, comes as we enter the Christmas season, a time where 74% of those surveyed said they planned on taking lots of photos. However, with one in 10 (10%) accidently deleting their treasured memories, it is clear Brits need to take the time to get to know their cameras better!

Many Brits are unaware of key functions on their cameras: Staggeringly 27% aren’t aware of the built-in flash function; 35% claim to be unaware of the delete function and 48% aren’t aware of the Red Eye reduction options available on many cameras.

Guess this shows the need to book a professional for those most important shots, events and days!