inPixio Photo Studio 11 allows you to, edit photos, remove backgrounds, enhance images.

Photo Studio is an all-in-one photo editor that helps you get creative with your images. With this easy all-round photo editor software, you can remove distractions in your photos, or even remove and replace the entire background, inPixio can also help you to touch up and edit pictures.

Main Features;

  • Easily correct errors on photos
  • Remove objects in just a click
  • Create amazing new images
  • inPixio® One-Click Image Correction
  • NEW! Brand new interface
  • NEW! New backgrounds available for photomontages
  • NEW! "Share" button for Facebook, Twitter
  • NEW! Make your photos more vibrant by switching the sky

The Remove Objects function allows you to delete any object or person from your photo whilst keeping its full image quality. The Erase editor tool includes an automatic detection of colors that helps you retouch the image.

Photo Studio photo editor simply erases the selected parts and/or restores the image background. You can also correct any blemishes in your photos with the Clone Stamp tools.

The Photo Studio photo editing program is also very helpful in enhancing your old photos.

It also has a clone tool, remove & replace backgrounds with the background eraser, edge smoothing and much more. It is also very user friendly and easy to learn!

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