Google has announced what is probably the biggest overhaul to the Google Adwords system in many years.

It is introducing vitally important changes which actually offer some great opportunities for astute Pay per Click advertisers.

The changes won't happen overnight as they are being phased in over coming months, but in our view, the three most important changes are -

1. They are offering 50% bigger ads. This is very significant! Google are permitting headlines which around twice the length of the current ones. The main content of adverts is more than doubling too - it's going up to 80 characters. So, if you are clever with your content this could result in a notable increase in click through rates. That would not only increase your traffic but would also improve your Google score, effectively cutting your cost per click.

2 Separate bidding for mobile phones and tablets is being introduced! Bidding separately for traffic from tablets is something new and will no doubt be very popular because most advertisers get their best conversions from tablets - This is fantastic news.

3 Targeted demographic bidding is also being introduced. This could be the most significant change for you're going to be able to target the gender and age of the people who see your Google advertisements instead of your ads pretty much targeting all. Used correctly, this could obviously both save money and drastically improve your conversion rates!

In short, these three changes are very good news if you use them effectively!